Monday, April 9, 2018

Knife control means white control

Seems like the Muslim mayor of London wants to ban knives.  This is reaction to the latest news that knife attacks are making London more unsafe than New York.

But who does the knife attacks?  The white folks in London, or the Muslims?  Bet you will never get an answer for that, and even asking the question will get you accused of racism.

Just goes to show you that the truth is not respected.  The left wins in darkness.  Let the lights shine brightly, then.

Once everybody is completely disarmed, their conversion to Islam will be forced upon them at the point of a knife.  For they will never go after the real perpetrators, and the knives will still be out there.  If it isn't a knife, it will be something else.  Just like if it isn't a gun, then it will be a knife.  Killers gotta kill.

That is why we keep our weapons, including knives!

Leftism delenda est!

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