Tuesday, April 10, 2018

How did we get to this point?

It almost seems like the Rubicon has been crossed.  But wait, the Rubicon was crossed during the Bush Administration, if not sooner.

That is to say, the appointment of Mueller was illegal, and thus insurrectionary.  It is an abuse of power that disregards the rule of law.  This is in favor of the rule of men--- in particular, leftists.  The supposed opposition party does nothing to stop it, so it becomes the new law, even though that law is not on the books anywhere.

There is supposed to be a crime before a Special Counsel is appointed.  No crime has been named as of yet, but there have been plenty of scalps taken.  How can this be?  If there is no crime, there so be no foul.  But there it is--the scalps have been taken, and there are more to come.  It happened during the Bush 43 administration, when Scooter Libbey was charged with a process crime.  The fact that there was no underlying crime didn't stop the appointment of a Special Counsel.  However, Bush did nothing to stop it.  Was that the crossing of the Rubicon, or was this one?  

The failure to stop it is what allowed it this time.  Now the precedent has been established, and will now become standard practice unless it is stopped.  But nobody is moving, so it appears that there will have to be a reaction elsewhere, because it won't happen in DC.

Trump was supposed to fight this kind of thing, but he is trying to make nice with it.  Either he is getting bad advice, or he never intended to do anything about this at all.

In order to set things right, a confrontation must take place.  Otherwise, the Republic is dead.  Trump promised to restore the rule of law, or so it seemed.

After the Republic is overthrown, everybody will pretend that it still exists.  But if the law exists only for the benefit of one faction, then it doesn't exist for anybody.  How then can there still be a rule of law in a Republic?  It cannot be so, therefore, the Republic no longer exists.

As in Rome, the Republic ended when the Rubicon was crossed.  Will nobody learn from history?

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