Wednesday, January 31, 2018

SOTU 2018


4:28 pm:

What's with all the cheerleading?  That is one thing that always turned me off with these things.  There is no need to expect Nancy Pelosi or the Democrats to be happy to be in the minority.

A lot of this commentary is just a big put on as far as I am concerned.  Still, this is the one way that the President can communicate directly to the people.  That is the important thing.

6:40 am:

These events tend not to be of much interest to me.  This one may be different, but still, I did not watch it.  Well, actually, I couldn't have anyway.  If I could, I wouldn't have.

But I just read some of the transcript.  It seemed reasonable enough.  Once you cut through all of the noise about it, it seems like more than reasonable.

Reagan's SOTU's seemed pretty good.  But what I see of this one's transcript, he seems more like a cheerleader for the home team before the big game.

The reviews seem positive.  Most people polled liked it.  So, Trump must have accomplished what he wanted with it.

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