Sunday, May 14, 2017

Matrix Reloaded 10.23.15 ( repost )

Note:  This Russian business reminds me of this post, so I decided to repost it.   You see, the Matrix is messaging us, telling us what to think about what is happening.  But the truth of what is actually happening is being kept from us, just as in the movie.  This is an artificial reality being imposed upon us.  As for what's really happening, all I can do is guess.  Since much of the real information is being kept from us, the only ones in the know are the ones doing the messaging.  It is like the little man behind the screen in the Wizard of Oz, who is projecting a false image that is supposed to intimidate us into believing in him.  Well, I choose not to.  I am not buying into the bravo sierra out there.

The original post follows:

The thought amuses me.  I can see Mr. Smith saying to Mr. Anderson:  "Mr. Anderson!  You disappoint me."

I've made the analogy before on this blog.  Maybe we really are living in the Matrix.  We are required to run on a treadmill in order to make money.  The money is the "energy" that runs the Matrix machine.  The Matrix machine generates for us a fantasy, a dream world, that is totally at odds with reality.

How do you unplug from the Matrix?  It may be impossible.  But there are those who have come pretty close.  These people are called the Amish.  Well, that's the impression I got from the movie Witness (1985).

What I'm getting at is that people would have to separate from the system somehow.  In the movie, they gathered into a faith based community that gave up all of the modern day conveniences.  There was a scene I remember where the community gathered together to build a barn in just one afternoon.  What does this do?  It is hard for me to see how the government can tax such an event.  The Amish removed the need for money.  Perhaps not the entire need, but much of it.  An Amish person doesn't need to work at a job for money.  They just run their farms and take care of each other.

That's what we lost when we "modernized".  Instead of freedom, we got enslaved by the need to make money.  The money is what runs the Matrix, and the Matrix controls us.

Mr. Anderson!  You disappoint me!  Indeed.


Red pill or blue pill, decide now while you still can.

The red pill is for the reality of existence, the blue pill is for the fake existence the media and the political establishment has created for us in order to control us.

The choice is yours.  I made mine a long time ago.

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