Monday, November 21, 2016

Thoughts about climate change and whatnot

Time after time, I have come up with arguments against this claim.  But, even so, I am willing to consider the possibility that I am wrong.   After all, one theme of this blog has always been that there are solutions to the problems, including this one, provided that it is really a problem.

It is also been one of my observations that these people really don't want the solutions, even though they claim they do.  That's because every time somebody comes up with an idea to solve this "problem", these people show little interest, or outright hostility to the idea.

So, what is going on here?  Again, I have noted that this is rent seeking behavior, as opposed to problem solving behavior.  For, if the "problem" were to be solved, the rents would no longer be collectible.  The rents can only be collected while the "problem" exists.  Therefore, climate change can never be solved, because solutions are not being sought.  No, it is the rents that are being sought.

May I mention once more, that one of my goals here was to think in terms of principles.  The principle here is that entire lines of rent seeking behaviors could be invented that supposedly handled "problems", but don't really.  Furthermore, we could have an entire economy built on the proposition of solving problems that do not even exist.  Therefore, values are not being created, but destroyed!

Finally, may I add that this blog was created to explore what has gone wrong in our civilization. 

The election of Trump may be a solution to the problem, because the problem is a social one, which is caused by our politicians, who do nothing but create problems so that they can have a reason for their own existence.  These people are called liberals.  They do not create values, but the opposite.  They pretend to solve problems that do not exist, and while doing so, collect rents from us all, which feed them.  Well, it is high time to stop feeding these parasites.

I know that this may sound harsh to some folks.  However, if it is true, it is true.  Note however, that truth is suddenly unacceptable in this society.  You can't tell the truth anymore.  This lies at the heart of the phenomenon which has become known as political correctness.

Truth itself is attacked as a relative thing, as there can be no truths.  This has become known as post modernism.

Language has been attacked.  "Gay" has become to mean homosexual.  Indeed, if one calls another a homosexual, one may get punished for it, if these people were to get their way.  Once again, thinking in terms of principles, the entire language can be turned upside down in order to accommodate these people in getting what they want.  What they want is not to solve a problem, but to manage to seek some advantage, which may be monetary as in a rent, or a social advantage.

Anyway, this was to be a lead into another proposal to solve a problem related to global warming.

Why do it?  Nobody is really interested anyway.

One could do it as a mental exercise.  Somehow, that is not satisfying.  This is why I sought a lab of my own.  I bought some land in order to have my own "moonshot".  This means it is a way of testing my own theories, and then writing about them.  Not that anybody would actually be interested.

I have written about the Apollo company.  They make fuel cells that could power automobiles.  The claim is that these can be produced at a competitive price.  If this is true, which I can neither confirm nor deny, then it would be a prime example of the phenomenon I have just mentioned.  There's a solution, but nobody's interested.

I contacted this company and spoke with a fellow on the phone.  Nothing came of this.  I got the impression that the guy wanted to make a fortune off his product.  This may be unjust of me to say, but I could swear that this fellow was seeing "stars".

Does it mean his product is no good?  I don't know.  But it seems to me in order to make it more real to people, you need to have real live installations in place.  The Wright Brothers were considered phonies until they flew their heavier than air contraption around the Eiffel Tower.  Once they did that, it could no longer be denied.

Anyway, an idea occurred to me to make this work in order to make energy and water.  You see, a hydrogen fuel cell makes water while making energy.  What a concept!

On my little ranch out west, I could certainly use water and energy.

How to get my "fuel"?  The idea isn't new.  I would use smelling salts.  Smelling salts release ammonia, which can be collected.  The ammonia could be cracked to produce hydrogen, which goes into the fuel cell and makes energy and water.

The logistical problem is to get the smelling salts into the place.  Then a way has to be made to process it into hydrogen.

For every ton of smelling salts, I could get 640 lbs of water, plus enough electricity to drive a fuel cell car nearly 2,000 miles!  That might translate into about 500 kwh of electricity.  That's a lot of water and a lot of electricity for my little cabin!

If I could prove that, what would it mean?  Maybe the world would yawn.  But they could not deny the truth of its existence.  But would the truth matter anymore in this society?

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