Monday, November 21, 2016

More complaints

Let's see.  I have this doctor's appointment for Wednesday.  This is less than 48 hours.  They are asking me to provide stuff that takes longer than 48 hours to get.  Or maybe it does.

Just wondering why, because doctors aren't cheap.  If I don't have this info, then my visit may be more social than medical.  Nice to meetcha, doc!  Now why am I here??

I figured that he should have had this info already.  If he needed it, I should have gotten an advisory to provide it much sooner than this.  Now I don't know if I can get it in time.

Just saying, folks.  Things are screwed up, but you knew that already.  But some of you want Hillary, anyway.

Go figure.

Seems like something high value like this should have more customer service.  You can get better customer service at Mickey D's.  This isn't an isolated case.  Indeed, this is the rule, not the exception.

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