Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Quick post, 11.23.16

There's not much time left before I have to go to my appointment. 

Some thoughts to share before I go.
  • Being a thinking man may be a blessing or a curse.  I don't know which, but I do know that I like to think.
  • That said, I note that Trump is said to be reversing himself.  It seems likely that this will happen, but if it is happening, it is still a disappointment.   That allows me to segue into another thought.
  • Politics is that way.  It is the art of making people feel things so as to get them to do things.  The trouble is that this can lead to some bad outcomes.  In my opinion, most of the troubles in the world can probably be traced to that.  That said, the thought is that anger is the fuel of politics.  Anger is to politics what gasoline is to the internal combustion engine.  Without anger, politics can go nowhere, which is analogous to running out of gas.
  • An example is racial politics.  The legacy of slavery begat Jim Crow.  Which in turn begat the Civil Rights Movement.  Which in turn begat the things that we see today.  None of these things are actually solving any of the problems associated with racial problems.  Instead, they are fueling the racial animosity that in turn fuels politics of race.  It's the anger that comes with these acts that fuels the politics.   If the politicians actually solved the problems, the anger would disappear.  It could no longer be politicized.  Therefore, politics isn't about solving problems.

Aren't you glad I am around to explain these things?  But I jest.  A little.

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