Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Can they really be this stupid?

Flashing red lights!  Flashing red lights!  This one just in.  Attention!  Attention!

As you may know, there has been something of a kerfuffle over the "occupation" of an abandoned federal building out in Oregon.

Now to show these guys who is boss, they are going to lock them in!  Brilliant maneuver.  Absolutely brilliant./sarc off

They are going to attempt to kill these people just because they can.  Wow! That will show everybody just who's the boss here, won't it?

Perfect.  The Feds have overplayed their hand they way they always do.  Hopefully, the people will get the point, and throw these bums out in November.  (Crossing my fingers on that one.)

Look, my understanding is that they are "occupying" an abandoned outpost.  Maybe it isn't really abandoned, but NOBODY appears to have been there.   Apparently, NOBODY goes to the place frequently.  Now to use deadly force in such a situation appears completely uncalled for and excessive.  If people do wind up dead, then how are we to take this?

I notice that Rush didn't have anything on this story.  The left wants blood, but why?  What's the point here?

They seem out of control, to me.  "Less is more" here ( meaning to resolve this situation), but we are likely, if reports are to believed, to witness something else quite different.


After reading through several links, I think that the local officials have a good feel for the situation.  The Federal Government is what I'm worried about.

If anything positive has come from this so far, it does appear that the "terrorists" have achieved something that indicates that the political left is out of control.  They seem "trigger happy", ready to use force at the slightest provocation.  They seemed to have run the ranchers off some land that they wanted to keep.  One way to run them off is to put them in jail, like the Hammonds.

The Hammonds going to jail is the reason given for the occupation.

Besides that, it appears that the back story indicates that a real miscarriage of justice has taken place.  Actually, the locals ( not a part of the militants ) were trying for clemency for the Hammonds.  It looks like the Federals overstepped their authority, so this could be a good place to roll that back a bit.  Interesting to see how Obama handles this.

If the media is any guide, the administration may not handle it well at all.


Patterico has a complete account of the story.   If you read that, you are up to speed.

What bothers me is that a jury actually convicted these two men of a trumped up charge.  That the government could get a conviction for this is a bit troubling.  If a jury would convict them of a Mickey Mouse infraction like this, we could have a problem here with a significant portion of the population.

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