Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Words really do mean things

Except nowadays, when words can mean whatever you want them to mean.  That's the culmination of the postmodern mindset.  "Gay" can mean homosexual, and so the language changes to accommodate the new understanding.  Only trouble is, is that if postmodernism is to be taken literally, then truth is whatever you want it to be, then it ought to be what it has always been, but no, we can't do that.

What got me thinking about this post was the continuing use of the word "elite" when referring to the ruling class.  The ruling class refuses to allow gifted Asians in their schools, but they get to call themselves "elite" while dumbing down the quality of their institution.  They are deliberately inferior, but somehow get to call themselves "elite".  Not by my book.  They are definitely second rate.

As before, when I decided I will not used the word "gay" in reference to homosexuals, I will also stop using the word "elite" when referring to second rate ruling class type people.

If words really mean things, why go along with those who are second rate?

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