Thursday, June 4, 2015

Possible solution for marriage issue

This homosexual marriage thing has been a continual headache for me because I like to think in terms of solutions, but the problem seem insolvable.

Maybe Alabama is on the right track.  They are said to be getting out of the marriage business.  Ka-ching!!!

That's it!  Marriage can be treated like a business partnership.  That way, it can be legal and regulated by the state and avoid these other issues.

If you want to get married in a church, and have the church's blessing, that too is possible.  Otherwise, it is a civil arrangement.  Nobody is required to do business with you.  You don't have to marry somebody who is not in your church.  In other words, you can't force Christians to marry Muslims can you?

In other words, homosexuals can form business partnerships that are based upon many of the commonly held understandings of marriage without stepping upon the religious sanctity of marriage itself.  It wouldn't be called marriage.  It would be called a civil union.  This has already been discussed in the past, so it isn't new.

The government couldn't interfere in marriages conducted and supervised by the churches.

Civil unions can be equivalent to marriage, but not be called marriage in the eyes of the law.  Thus, there is discrimination, but fundamental rights are not violated.  They just don't get to call it marriage and have it recognized as such.

People may have some rather strong reservations about this, but look at it this way.  It may be the only way to resolve the issue without a lot of turmoil.

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