Monday, June 1, 2015

Some engagement on the issue of homosexual marriage

If the Mahablog is any indication.

Reading that junk is like reading stuff written by the Devil himself.  But to know evil, one has to become familiar with it.

It's funny how Maha will allow anyone to post on her blog as a commenter only as long as they agree with her.  She has her own little soapbox and only she can stand on it.  Liberals are like that.  They are quite Puritannical about their own set of beliefs, and quick to condemn you if you deviate from their dogma.

Now, the thing I've outlined there in that last sentence is why their talk of right wing persecution complex is just another one of their lies.  She puts the ear muffs on so that nobody can hear any evil, which she defines as anything that in disagreement with her.  If a so-called right winger says anything at all in criticism or protest, they are wrong to do so.

I am banned from commenting on her blog just because I disagreed with her.  Not because I really did anything wrong.  But disagreeing with them IS wrong.  Morally wrong, in their own moral universe.

If I am right, and I think I am, then what are they so afraid of?

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