Friday, June 5, 2015

A "can people handle the truth" moment

Mike Huckabee is against homosexual marriage.  Now, I am not too far into the campaign at the moment, but that position has gotten some favorable notice from yours truly.

Well, it turns out that there's some news that is intended to reflect unfavorably upon him.  He pulled something off this campaign website, it is said, because of a scandal regarding some celebrity who endorsed him.

Since I'm not into that TV stuff, I don't know who Duggar is, and frankly, don't care.  But there's some allegations of sexual misconduct involving Duggar when he was a boy and it involves one of his sisters.

Actually, I can't recall all that many details about what the allegations were, but they don't appear to be all that serious.  Yet it is being turned into a real shitstorm by the left.

Why?  To go after Huckabee, I suppose.  So, when Huckabee pulls the connection with Duggar off his website, I'm thinking MISTAKE.  Huck should stand firm and refuse to give ground to the homosexuals who are pushing this.  At least, I'm thinking it is the homosexuals because they want the right to homosexual marriage.

Perhaps the wrong thing to do when a scandal arrives is to try to sweep it all under the rug.  Unfortunately, it may be the only way to protect yourself because people never go down deep into a story, they just look at the surface details and then form an opinion that may not be reflective of all the facts.

Still, my preference is to do battle.  Especially with something like this.

After all, what is the homosexual's excuse for their behavior?  That they were "born that way"?  So, if the young Duggar acted the way they did, he would be asking latitude to marry his sister because getting it on with sisters is what turns him on and he shouldn't be deprived of his civil rights.  I mean he was "born that way" and that is a valid excuse with pedophilia and incest, just like with homosexuality.

But Duggar really didn't do all those things did he?  I mean, he grew up, and his little sister grew up, and nothing really terrible happened here did it?  It was a bad moment in a good family.  The world didn't come to an end.  No real harm done.

Is that an excuse?  No.  But things need to be kept in perspective.  The people who are doing these things want their behavior as adults to be accepted as normal, but are yelling at something that a man did when he was boy to be compared with their own, and thus to be condemned for the behavior as a defense for their own behavior as ADULTS.

Huckabee shouldn't throw the guy under the bus.  It only encourages them.

On the other hand, is the general public capable of handling the truth of the situation, or will they side with the homosexuals?

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