Monday, April 16, 2018


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Evidently, much more on the OIG than I thought...  Perhaps I didn't read the footnotes?  Cuz a lot of folks seem to think that there's stuff there I didn't see.  Quite possible so, therefore it must not been what I saw...

If that part is correct, then McCabe may become the John Dean of the Hillary/Deep State Deluxe Scandal of the Century! Comey to a venue near you soon!  Unless McCabe does a Seth Rich and gets killed by a thief who doesn't steal anything.  What the heck is going on with thieves these days?

Anyway, I'll bereave it when I see it.

The original post follows:

Should it be OMG?  As in Oh. My. God!

Nah!  Can't back that up, but they'll get 'em tomorrow!

I probably shouldn't make fun of them, cuz they might actually be doing good work, but still.  You got Gestapo type raids taking place, and they are focusing on little 'ol Andy McCabe?  Not sure why they are clinking glasses in celebration in some spots, but there are some pretty happy peeps over this Horowitz thingie.

Ace has some commentary worth reading here that isn't all fanboy stuff.   Good on him.

Did lil' Andy lie to help get Hillary off the hook?   That would be something, but Hillary's deal was a long time ago, and Trump's Train is in danger of derailment.

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