Thursday, January 25, 2018

Millenials hate Trump because .... climate change?


On the Limbaugh show, a discussion of this phenomenon took place.  A millennial called and told Rush that he believed all of what was told to him by this modern culture.

One of those things seems to revolve around this idea of "sustainability".  Evidently, the young generation seems to think that resources are limited.  There is no other explanation for why they believe this than what the left wing has drilled into everybody's head.

The leftists seem to believe in drilling after all.  Just not for oil.  Nor for truth either, regardless of what they may say to the contrary.

There is one thing that is limited though, and that is life itself.  Life is limited because it can be wiped off the face of the Earth.  But the Earth itself is not subject to human's destructiveness.  It would take a lot more than what humankind can do in order to destroy the Earth itself.  As of this writing, no Death Star has been invented yet.

Even a very basic science education can remove some of this grandiosity.  For instance, all chemistry derives from the actions of electrons.  The nucleus of an atom is not affected.  Hence, if you restore an atom to its original state through the manipulation of electrons, so it can be recycled.  No matter can be destroyed through chemistry.

Now nuclear reactions do indeed change matter.  But the energy released is of such magnitude, that the amount of matter is not very significant.  That is the advantage of nuclear energy-- it consumes so little matter.  Thus, there is virtually a limitless supply of energy and matter, through recycling via nuclear energy.  Resources are virtually unlimited.  The only limits are the ones that are self-imposed.

The millennials must not be getting very much of an education.  That is the problem, and the solution is obvious.

However, it is easier said than done.  People do not change easily.  The leftists have found a way to get to people though, and there needs to be a better response from the conservatives.  The one pursued so far does not seem to be working.

It may take a war to free humanity from the left.  Look around the world.  Once they get into power, they do not relinquish it easily.

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