Monday, July 17, 2017

Globalism is a failure

Globalism was supposed to usher in world peace through trade.  Trade was supposed to make everyone too prosperous to want to fight each other.

If that is not what this globalism project is, then why is it so important to US policy?

But what we see is a realignment of world power structures away from Europe and America, and towards China and the Far East.

Something is likely to happen in the near future that will overturn the current system as we have known it.  It could be a war, or something else less dramatic.  Nonetheless, there will be a black swan event, most likely in the near future.

The news looks ever more insane as each day passes.  It is doubtful that the West can reorient itself towards self-preservation, and a future for itself.  There is no longer any more time.

America can no longer lead.  It isn't even clear that this country can continue to exist.  It is likely to degenerate into anarchy, fueled by corruption and incompetence at all  levels.

The best one can hope for is that the suffering won't be too bad, or for too long.

Sorry to be so downbeat.  But there isn't much out there that is encouraging.

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