Sunday, July 16, 2017

What is wrong with a President defending himself?

FDR did it, and it was fine with them.  No, the critics will go after anything and everything until they lose all credibility.  Here, FDR makes his critics look ridiculous.  Well, I wasn't around at the time, but I can imagine that his critics were indeed ridiculous for going after his dog.

Fast forward to today.  These attacks with respect to Russia, have long seemed ridiculous to me.  If the Dems don't watch out, they are going to go into Fala territory, and they just might get creamed.

Which wouldn't bother me a bit.  Not that I am a GOP 'er.  Those guys are as bad as the Dems, as far as Trump is concerned.

I looked at his Twittering, and it looks okay to me.  In fact, reading it gave me a good feeling.  If they keeping obsessing about Twitter, they may be walking into a trap.

Which wouldn't bother me a bit.

It has not been so much what was wrong with Trump, as it is what's wrong with the political system.  It still could use a good kick in the pants in order to make them shape up.

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