Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Back home

Decided not to stay in Dallas for another day.  Been back home since yesterday.   Couldn't post because of the phone problem.  The phone malfunctioned, and I replaced it with a new one.

Meanwhile, it was necessary to do a few things to get back into gear here.  Slowly coming around, and now it may be possible to pick up where I left off.

I've completed some of the stuff on my to-do list.  This morning was rather cool, so I may not need a shade soon.  But that will have to be done soon, because it is going to get hot around here.

Update (s):  17:30  

Now that I am back, there is a lot less data to play with.  Besides that, there's no TeeVee here, as I will not pay for that service.  Actually, I cannot afford the data nor the TeeVee.

Posts that relied upon information obtained from such sources will not be as often, nor as in depth.  Besides, my opinion of our popular culture is at the lowest point ever.  Fakery is everywhere in the political sphere.  Nothing that happens in DC is real, but they are reality, which is unfortunate for the rest of us.

For now on, I will tend to post more practical stuff.  The stuff, or another word starting with the letter "s", can wait.

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