Sunday, October 29, 2017

Could so-called "climate scientists" be prosecuted for fraud?

Originally posted 4.17.17, updated


Plants can colonize deserts when the carbon dioxide levels are higher.  That is because the plants need  less water when there is more carbon dioxide available.  Carbon dioxide is good for plant life.  So stop demonizing it, said this scientist.

Not to mention that carbon dioxide would never cause the effects that are claimed, but I repeat myself.

The original post follows:

That is right.  The idea that this is fraud, did occur to me just now.  And as a fraud, should be prosecutable.  Furthermore, the only way to get rid of this fraud is to prosecute it whenever it rears its ugly head.

That it is a fraud, there can be no doubt.  You would have to read this blog to know why this is so.  That is, unless you actually did your own thinking, and managed to come to that conclusion on your own.  There are so many intellectual holes in AGW theory, that any knowledgeable person should know that it is false.  Therefore, anybody who participates and benefits from it should know better.  If these people know better, as I think they do, then they are participating in a fraud, and should be prosecuted for it.

But there is a problem.  Just as there is a problem in prosecuting Hillary.  You have a cultural climate, so to speak, that would make prosecution almost impossible.  For even though so-called "climate science" isn't a science, it is believed by a lot of people.  These people would serve on juries, and these juries would most likely not be easily convinced.  Once something gets believed, it is hard to get people to disbelieve it.

It is like prosecuting O.J. Simpson for murder.  Even though the evidence was overwhelming, a less than intelligent group of people were convinced otherwise.  This is what the con artists, who push this kind of fraud, are counting on.  It would take an especially talented prosecutor to get a conviction, if one could be obtained at all.

Maybe you could call this phenomenon the O.J. Simpson phenomenon.  It is this phenomenon that gave us the Clinton perjury in the Paula Jones case, the O.J. Simpson acquittal, and the Hillary Clinton non-prosecution.  It is also is responsible for the non-scandal scandal involving the so-called Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election.  These people have had so much success fooling people that they believe that get people to believe anything.

They believe they can sell ice to Eskimos.  What can stop them?  Perhaps a high profile case like this one.

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