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Keyboard Warrior

Originally posted on 2.22.17, updated on,

11.15.17 :

9:30 am

It seems that arguments like this may be persuasive to some people.  It is not persuasive to me.  As I wrote before, even if he was guilty of this, if it is not illegal, then I think it should be ignored.  The important thing to me is that he defends without reservation, the Ten Commandments.

As for the "rule of law", the people shouting it the loudest in this case, care about it the least.  They don't care about the girls, they don't care about the rule of law.  This is just a political prop for them.

A bunch of judges in robes do not make the law themselves.  They should not legislate from the bench.  Our judicial system is out of whack as well as the rest of our society.

Maybe that can be fixed, maybe not.  In my opinion, Judge Moore would be a great Majority Leader of the Senate.  Take that McConnell.

8:30 am

Everybody is taking a shot at explaining what the deal is about Roy Moore.  It is about the Ten Commandments and taking an unswerving fidelity to it.  That is what Roy Moore has done, and the people of Alabama supported him in that.  However, the people in the government do not.  Hence, the conflict.

Our government will abide by the rule of law, or it won't.  When it doesn't, it will become a law unto themselves.  Is that not what is happening here?

The ruling class only defers to democracy when it agrees with them.  That's what makes the Russian collusion allegations absurd on its face.

Likewise with the young women accusing Judge Moore.  If they really cared anything about young women being raped, then there would be an insistence upon chaperones.  It used to be so.  But the ruling class really don't care about that now, if they ever did.  It is merely a prop for their politics.  An excuse, if you will.


A blast from the past...  Reading this makes me understand that I have made real progress in my fight against cancer.  I no longer need nearly as much pain medication.  I suppose I could do without it if I wanted to.  The pain is not so bad anymore.

What brought me to this post is what I do on this blog.  Yes, I am a Keyboard Warrior.  I don't do real fighting.  But nobody does that anymore in our society.  Everything is metaphorical.  You have "revolutions" that aren't literal revolutions, for example.  The Reagan Revolution, it has been called.  But no blood was shed.  No dead bodies in the streets.  Real revolutions have those kinds of things.

Even though I am a Keyboard Warrior, I like to keep things real as possible.  Indeed, I would like to actually DO things that may make a difference.  So, to back up what I say, I have committed considerable amount of time, expense, and yes effort-- to my off-the-grid project.

Yet, it is still more idea than substance.  Nothing is out there, but the broken remains of what I attempted before.

As for the bigger picture, the broken society in which we live, I can only be a Keyboard Warrior.  I can only write about things.  I cannot literally fight in the streets, but if the time comes, I will defend myself and what matters to me.  I will defend it with everything I have got, including my own life, if it comes to that.

We need warriors in our society.  Words are not enough.  Being right is not enough.  You have to back up what you believe by actually doing something about it.

The GOP wants Roy Moore to resign.  Really?  For what purpose would that serve?  Does that advance the things that the GOP claims to support?  Or does it enable what you oppose?  I think the RINO faction are only enablers of that which is damaging the future of this society.

So, to do something significant: try asking yourself this: do you support the Ten Commandments or not?  Ask the RINOS that, and see what their response is.

I would support Moore even if he is guilty of what they say he is.  That is because he supports the Ten Commandments, and that is more important to me than Moore's alleged lack of moral perfection in this case.

Let's not have the RINOS, like the McCain's and Bushes, fool us into thinking that they are with us.

We need warriors, and those guys won't fight.  They'd fight US before they would fight the left.

Just tryin' to keep it real, ya'll.

The original post follows:

Hey, yeah.  That is what I am.  Hey, I cannot even keep my eyes open half the time.  I am so doped up on meds that I am sleepy all the time.

So, if I write something like the GOP going on offense, I certainly don't mean ME.  I couldn't fight my way out of a wet paper bag right now.

Keyboard warriors are just words in cyberspace.  Not that I don't want to be taken seriously.  On the other hand, I am basically an ideas guy.  Ideas guys vs. Action guys.

When I am not half asleep, I'm at my brother's repair shop.  He does real stuff.  Fixing a car is real.  Buying one not so much.  I am more inclined to buy one.

What's that you say?  It just seems to me that if you know how to get one running right, it is a lot better than buying something.  You don't always have the option of buying one.  Buying one is a big step away from making one or fixing one.

I started in the auto repair biz when I was young.  I didn't stick with it.  There's the difference between him and me.  Not that I don't stick with things.  But fixing cars requires something that I seem to lack.  He says it is persistence.  But I don't think I lack persistence.  Maybe it is persistence combined with audacity.  You have to be audacious to do some of the things he does.  He does stuff I would never do.  It seems rather chancy, I would say.  Like putting a junk car on to a trailer. 

He spent an entire morning doing that.  The junk car had no wheels, as he took the axles off and  used them for another project.  No place to put the wheels.  Try to imagine getting a junk car on to a trailer without the benefit of wheels.  That's just the beginning.  You have to get the trailer there, which was tricky in itself.  There's not that much room.

I could go on, but you should be able to figure it out.  Keyboard warriors don't put junk cars on trailers.  It is the real deal to do stuff that is real.  Let's not kid oneself.

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