Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Burial idea

The funeral business seems lucrative, perhaps even an opportunity exists provided that you could come up with an innovative idea.  This may not be innovative, but it does have some elements to it that may not have been done before.

The Malta Treatment liquefies the soft tissues leaving only the bones.  The bones can be ground down to a powder resembling ashes.  Here's what may be possible:  the bones are primarily made of calcium carbonate, the same stuff as limestone.  When this is heated enough, the carbon dioxide leaves, which gives quicklime.  The quicklime can be reconstituted back into limestone with the addition of water.  In other words, the process is a closed loop.  The idea is to fashion a bust of the deceased person, and cast it in concrete made from a deceased person's own ashes.  The liquefied part can be stored inside of the bust.  The body is still there, but has taken a different form: a form that would be recognizable to the survivors of the deceased.

The departed could be visited.  It is better than a grave, which keeps the deceased person out of sight.  The body is respected, which should allay religious concerns.  It is technically feasible, more than likely.  It could add another option to the choices available for one when that inevitable moment comes for us all.  It would last for generations, perhaps even centuries.  Future generations could trace back their ancestries in a more lifelike way.  You could see what your ancestor looked like.

The idea could be expanded further with high tech enhancements.  For example, artificial intelligence could mimic a person's personality.  You could "talk" to the dearly departed.

You know what?  This could work.  Particularly if the price is right.

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