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About farts (Forced Artificial Scarcity) ... (updated 5.31.17 @ 18:15 )

Update @ 18:15, 5.31.17 :

[Note: You may have noticed that this post was originally posted on 11.4.10, or over six and a half years ago.   I have taken advantage of a way to repost old posts by changed the date of publication.   Neat trick.]

The fakery that is commented upon frequently on this blog is not unique, nor new.  What may be new is that it is a systemic thing now.  Everything is false.  We cannot get real things anymore.

Our world is much smaller than what it could be.  We could be colonizing the solar system by now.  In fact we should be colonizing the solar system by now.  There is no shortage of anything.  Everything that we need to live at a high standard of living is already in existence.

However, it is being kept from us by deceit of men who wish to rule over other men.

The original post follows just below:

Last month, I came across an article on on that I would like to comment upon here.  It was called 5 Reasons The Future Will Be Ruled By B.S.  which was written by David Wong.  Well, I am not familiar with his work, so I looked up a short bio on  I didn't read anything else besides this article.  What got my attention was his concept of FARTS.  Forced ARTificial Scarcity.  He writes it with a sense of humor, but there is a serious side to this.

I got to thinking about this in connection to the Bussard Polywell device.  The question arose in my mind, what if this is just another example of FARTS?  Not just a brain fart, but a real conspiracy to keep this away from the world that really needs it.  If Bussard was right, and this thing will work, it will be a rather curious thing to me.  The reason why is that it took this long.  The technology and science isn't that radically new.  It is based on findings made close to sixty years ago.  

Bussard didn't claim a conspiracy.  He avoided using that talk like a plague.  No doubt, he would be rolling over in his grave at the thought that anyone would attribute that to him.  So, let me make this clear.  I am not saying that Bussard was saying it.  I am saying it.  Or, I am putting the idea forth as a prime example of FARTS.  There is no energy scarcity.  If we had this, energy would be abundant. There is no need to control greenhouse gases.  Because if we had this, we wouldn't be using fossil fuels.  It wouldn't even be an issue.  Thus, "controlling greenhouse gases" is just another example of FARTS.  Which wouldn't be an issue except for the other example of FARTS.  The energy scarcity is being forced upon us in order for someone to be able to make a profit off of energy, which if there were no FARTS, it would be hard to make money otherwise.  We have enough energy to last centuries or even millenia.

If I would really want to get paranoid, I would say that Bussard's Polywell device for fusion will not be allowed to work.  It must not be allowed to work.  There are too many who have a vested interest in it not working.  So, it must not be allowed to work.  Nor will any other attempt to control greenhouse gases.  Nor will any attempt to make energy prices more affordable.  There will be just more and more FARTS.  Another excuse to charge you money for something you can get for almost nothing.

Maybe it was just an honest mistake.  A genuine misunderstanding.  Somebody, or a lot of somebodies just overlooked a promising technology.  The same technology that has been described as the holy grail of physics.  But I am suspicious.  I smell a rat.

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