Monday, July 9, 2018

How will the "Culture War" end?

With a bang or a whimper?

Remember when the term "culture war" was popularized?  It was Pat Buchanan's speech at the Republican National Convention in 1992 that brought the term to the forefront.  Conditions seem to have gotten much, much worse.

But it really isn't a war.  Words like "war" are continually being dropped into the national conversation.  The purpose of which seems to draw attention to the one using the word.  What if one of these days, somebody threw a war, and nobody came?  What a day that would be.

People like peace and quiet.  Real wars are a messy business.  It never became popular.  Even a "good war" like World War  II was said to be, was met with monster celebrations when it was finally over.  The people who clamor for war, a real war, are in the minority.  War is never going to be popular, and rightly so.

But you have to be prepared for trouble, because trouble has a way of finding you.  The ancient Romans had a saying: if you want peace, prepare for war.  Weakness invites attack.  It is a law of nature and of war itself.  No predator will attack the strong point, but rather the weak one.  The moral being, don't be weak.

It has been noted that highly aggressive people will ignore you if you are perceived as weak.  Standing up to the bully will make him friendly, the old saying goes.

Which way the "culture war" ends is anybody's guess.  But the most optimistic scenario is one in which people are inclined to talk rather than kill each other.  People will talk when killing is not an option.

Disarming the population seems a way towards that end.  But that only leaves the most aggressive people in control.  At that point, talking will no longer be allowed.

It is a knotty problem, hard to solve, make no mistake.  But give me my opportunity for self defense, and I will be happy to take the risks.  Better to live and die free than to ever be anybody's slave.

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