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One reason that you can bet that there was no "collusion"



Conservative Treehouse has put up this video which discusses what I wrote previously.  My take is also provided below.

It may be repetitive to point out all of the details herein, so let me point out the part which I think may be worth digging in a bit deeper.

The emails released by Weiner were staggering in number.  It should be obvious by now that the Russians did not hack the Wikileaks' emails.  There are so many here that there is no way you can say that there is just one source for the emails.  Indeed, the whole point of the Hillary email scandal is that it was a national security breach, for which Hillary should have been disqualified to serve as President.  I was raising hell about this all during the election, by the way.

Anyway, why didn't they go deeper into these emails?  The following video may provide some insight into that.  Start at about ten minutes into the twelve minute video.

After watching some of it, I am not satisfied that motive is being pinpointed.  For that, they would have had to go deeper into the emails than they did.  All they wanted to do was to whitewash the investigation, so that they could clear Hillary.  Comey said as much himself recently.

There could be a lot of very damaging stuff that is being swept under the rug here.  Covering this up is the key to understanding why they made the audacious move to frame Trump for a phony crime.

To find the answers, go back through these emails.


It should also be pointed out that McCabe sat on those emails for a month before Comey found out about them.  Comey had cleared Clinton the first time, then he reopened the case after Weiner's attorney forked over these emails.  So, that put Comey on the spot, and he decides to reopen the phony investigation.  They didn't look at these new emails, but some of them may be pretty durn bad.

McCabe sits on them, and Comey reopens at the last minute, and closes again.  Hillary blames Comey for this, but it was really Weiner who screwed her over.  Weiner was married to Huma Abedin, who was rumored to be Hillary's concubine.

It was all blamed on the Russians and ginned up so that they can cover up this mess.  For if the Dems win the House or Senate, you'll never hear about any of this.

So, it will be Russia this and Russia that for as long as they can get away with it.

originally posted 5.11.18:

the original post follows:

A recent report on Conservative Tree House, which pointed out that thousands of emails were turned over to the FBI in September 2016.  This was done by Anthony Weiner's attorney.  It was this event that caused Comey to reopen the investigation of the emails.  ( Which was a phony cover up type of "investigation" anyway. )

The significance of this is that Hillary's email account has always been rather weak on security.  Anybody could have gotten those emails.  If Anthony Weiner had 'em, anybody could have gotten 'em.

Therefore, the release of the Wikileaks emails were not the result of hacking.  Without this, and without John Podesta's emails, where would they have been able to turn in order to gin up this collusion story?

There was no collusion.  People are still writing about this in order to keep the Whine Industrial Complex humming.  Besides that, collusion isn't illegal.

If Mueller was fired, there might be a lot of commotion for awhile.  Eventually, they'd have to pipe down, or get violent.  If they got violent, then they would be desperate, and then they could be finished off.

Yep.  The way to end all this is to stop feeding the machine.  Pour sand into the crankcase, and sugar into the gas tank.  End it and we can get back to being a country again.

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