Sunday, October 22, 2017

Who is Fusion GPS?

Originally posted 7.14.17, updated

Yep, keep up the old pressure.  Like anybody gives a damn.

Sorry, but I cannot get excited about this stuff like a lot of you "conservatives" do.  You seem to miss the point that the left could care less about the truth.  Lots of people voted for Hillary even though they knew what she was.  Same for Obama.  Telling the truth about them doesn't faze them a bit.

Still there may be hope for the nation if Trump could be elected.  Yet, here we are trying to explain the obvious to people who don't care.   Are there enough people who care?

That's why I don't get excited about this.  When people are put in front of firing squads, I might be impressed with their seriousness.

the original post follows:

I figured that all you need to know about them was that the Dems hired them.  But a Republican hired them first.

Be it known that I do not automatically side with the GOP.  In fact, the way the GOP candidates handled themselves in the campaign vis-à-vis Trump, had a lot to do with my negative impression of them these days.

Here's some quick facts about them.

There could be a lot here to be uncovered, but Fusion GPS' co-founder won't voluntarily testify before Congress.

They did some international work.  That could explain a few things--globalism?

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