Friday, January 22, 2016

Brief discussion about Trump

Lately, there have been some reports that the Establishment wing of the GOP is warming up to Trump.  This is being taken as an "ah hah!" type moment in which the conservative wing is saying that The Donald isn't conservative, and thus cannot be trusted.  The Donald says he can make good deals.  I think this is better than taking the position that you won't negotiate at all.  Is that what the conservatives want to take to the people in the general election?  My guess is that it won't work in the general.  It may not work in the primaries, either.

This blog has always been anti-ideology.  After all, I have stated several times that "ideology can make us stupid."

It may be a bit of rose-colored glasses here about Trump, but if he is anything, he is independent of those who would control him.  That means ideological types as well as the lobbyist types with their money.  Trump is free to do what he thinks is best for the country.  He is free to do what he claims he does best, which is to make deals.

I don't know if The Donald can be trusted to adhere to ideology, but I'll trust him to get the best possible deal he can for the country.  In the final analysis, that's the best that you can hope for.  If I could vote today, I'd vote for him.  Ideology be damned.

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