Friday, February 16, 2018

A thought for the day

The road trip is over, but now I am out of data again.
Posting will be lite for the next few days as I await new data to be made

While I am here, I will mention that the trip was a follow up to the proton
therapy for this chordoma that I have.  The news is encouraging, as it seems
to be responding to the treatment.  It is a slow process, as these things grow
slowly, they also shrink slowly once treated.

While I was at the motel, looking at the Gideon Bible, I watched a movie too.
TV reception there was none too good, but I guess I am used to that.  Since it
was Valentine's Day, there were some movies that would be called romances.  The one
I saw was Titanic.  I have seen it before, but what else was I gonna watch.  Not
only was the reception bad at this place, there weren't that many channels.

James Cameron can make a good flick, but the dude is super lib.  Why is it that
these people go lib like that?  You'd think that talent would also give them a
brain, but alas, this does not appear to be the case in so many instances.

So, the thought for the day is that liberalism succeeds because they know how to
tug at the heart strings, and they know how to lie their asses off.  It is a life
strategy that can bring monetary success, while liberals can claim not to care about
money at all.  Titanic, the movie, was like that.  Those upper crust characters
in that flick only cared about money, or so Cameron wants you to believe.  While he
is trying to convince you of that, he also trying to convince you that he is
different from that.  That is the liberal scam.

What wonderful people.  /sarc

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