Monday, May 22, 2017

Today is the day...

 ... of the last treatment for this chondroid chordoma.  It didn't metastize, according to the doctors, and so the odds are in my favor.  However, it won't be possible to know the effectiveness of this treatment ( proton therapy ) for another three months.  At that time, it is likely that I will come back here to Irving, Texas for a follow up examination.

Until that time, I can focus in other things.  Like this blog.  Bet you are excited about that, eh?  Can bots get excited?  heh, heh

There is work to do at the trailer, which is where I now reside.  It is in the Texas Hill Country, about an hour's drive from Austin.

Hopefully, nature didn't take over the trailer while I was gone.  Another reason not to go tonight, as I don't want to sleep with the bugs when I get back.

If I left immediately, it would take nearly midnight to get back.  Don't want to try to deal with problems at that hour.  So, I will wait.

Update(s) 11:35:  

Got my to-do list made up.  It is prioritized and everything.  Now all I am doing is dreaming about things.  Now, ain't that a big waste of time?


When you finish your therapy, you get to bang a gong.  So, I did it.  Before doing my bang-a-gong, I asked how hard can I hit it?  "As hard as you want", said the Doc.   So, I hit it really hard, but aside from making a lot of noise, it didn't break.


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