Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Going after corporations is not socialism

In my opinion, which is based upon how the US Constitution was written, that in keeping with originalism, which is supposed to be a conservative idea, that to go after corporations is consistent with conservative thought.

It has become something of a given that the GOP favors corporations, more than the Democrats, who are okay with corporations, and these same corporations favor Dems and their agenda more than the GOP does. This is hard to understand how the GOP lets themselves be the "party of the rich", when it is the Democrats who tend to favor the rich far more.  Fake news and fake culture of all kinds may be at work here.

So, this comment was in keeping with a discussion about Sanders of Vermont, who may be the Democrat nominee in 2020.  The Dems kept him off the ballot, as you may recall.  The WikiLeaks business showed that, and now the Deep State is going after Trump, another populist type of candidate.  Corporations prefer the fake, in my opinion, because they care nothing for the people.

Corporations need to be controlled.  Instead, they are controlling us.  In my opinion, they are the ones driving this impeachment nonsense.  If they aren't doing it, then who?  Why would the Sanders type voters be interested in knocking off Trump, when Trump resembles Sanders more than Hillary did?

There are those who say people vote according to their tribe.  If that is so, then Trump should not be POTUS.  There is no always in any of this stuff.  That provides the opportunity for someone to come along and fix things when things are not right.  Polls say consistently that we have been on the wrong track for most of the past two decades.

I trust Trump more than Sanders, but either one could betray.  They all do.  One of these types of politicians have to come through for the people in the country to survive.  The corporate state does not care about the people.  You can take that to the bank.

On the other hand, if the Tiberius Syndrome has its way, America will fade into history just like the Romans did.  Corporate power is the Tiberius of the age.

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