Monday, December 5, 2016

Mayor of Realville

Limbaugh likes to say that he is the mayor of Realville.   I think Limbaugh is full of shit.  Therefore, I am running for that office!  Yessiree, Bob. 

Cancer is Realville as it gets.  Try getting cancer when you have no money and all you get is doors slammed in your face.

Way too many people full of shit out there.  Time to cut through the bullshit, if that is even possible.


Limbaugh has to promote his show.  I understand that.  Just don't take this dude literally when he says stuff like this.

He isn't the "doctor of democracy" either.  If anybody is the doctor of democracy, it is guys doing real shit like the guys who worked on the thorium reactors.  All Limbaugh does is talk.  While that is a necessary thing, nobody should mistake it for the people who do the real shit out there.

I can be as full of shit as he is.  Anybody can do that.

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