Monday, March 14, 2016

Elysium ---- Movie Review ( revisited )

I just watched the video and I have reconsidered my review here.  Yes, there is possibility of people who would and do mistreat their fellow human beings.  But that doesn't jibe with vast material progress that is depicted in the film.  Instead of what's in this flick, you would get the decay of a civilization, not unlike Rome.  As Rome didn't spin off another civilization that became even more advanced and "privileged", neither would any other civilization that mistreats a significant segment of its own population be capable of spinning off something better.  It would destroy itself first, as Rome did.

This is what I've been trying to warn people about for the longest time here.  If the powers that be won't allow basic material progress, and punishes anybody for coming up with an invention that would enhance human well being, it cannot continue for long.

The powers that be today are holding back the progress of humanity.  They are doing it on the misguided notion that is depicted in the flick.  The notion is that the resources of Earth can be depleted.

Those who think Earth's resources can be depleted do not understand basic concepts in science.  Matter is not destroyed when you use it.  It is simply put into another chemical state.  That state is not permanent, as any chemical bond can be broken.  You only have to supply sufficient energy to it.

Once the bonds are broken, they can be reassembled into useful items again.  In other words, with sufficient energy, you can recycle everything an unlimited amount of times.

The trick is the energy.  Where would you get it?  Why from nuclear energy.  Nuclear energy is a million times more powerful than chemical energy.  It is easily seen then, that the altered chemical bonds mentioned can be restored to useful function with the enormous energy from the atom.

The problem is that the powers that be have decided that we cannot have nuclear energy.  By taking this position, they are holding back the progress of humanity.

They'll say that they are doing it because radioactivity is dangerous.  It's dangerous only if mishandled.  Lots of things are that way.  If everything that was potentially dangerous were to be banned, we would have to live at a much lower standard of living.

Ironically, the powers that be are the ones posing as our benefactors, but they are our oppressors.  They are like the people of Elysium in this flick.  They'll pose as good people, who bring us such ideas that are presented in this flick, but are evil instead because they are the same people who ban something like nuclear energy that would benefit mankind.  I think the flick is such a pose, and it fools many.

The original review follows:

I went to see the movie last night at the IMAX on the west side of Houston.

The theater was about half full and there was a smattering of applause at the end.  Some people seemed to like it.

As for me, it seemed to be entertaining, with plenty of action and things that go boom.  If you accept the premises of the movie, you can enjoy it.  If you don't, the movie looks rather flawed.

The main premise is that there can be such a place as this space station called "Elysium", at the same time that the Earth is really bad shape.  For to construct such a place would require a technical competence far beyond anything that we have now.  If such competence existed, why could it not be used to solve Earth's problems?  It is that premise, that such competence would NOT be used for the greater benefit of humanity, that is the major premise of the movie.  If you accept that, you can like this movie.  If you don't, there's no doggone way that you can like this movie.

It has been said that the movie reflects our present more than it predicts the future.  I would agree.  It is basically a rather ignoble view of humanity that is offensive here.  That there is something righteous and good about being poor, and something evil about being rich.  That, by being rich, you can only take from others, or withhold from others, and not contribute something of worth for your prosperity.  The movie doesn't even demonstrate that, it just presumes that people are that way.  Again, I would agree that there are some people like that, but I would hope that it doesn't define humanity.  For if it does, nothing like the technological marvel that is Elysium could ever be possible anyway.  Why?  Why invent something if you can steal it?

So, my verdict is this:  If you want to be entertained, go see it.  If you want to be informed, there are better ways to spend your time.

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