Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cold Fusion Enigma, Secrets Remain--- Fleischmann Pons IV

In the last post of this series, I mentioned the fact that the video Fire from Water was worth watching again and again.  It so happens that Miley was in that video, in which is shown from a screenshot here:

As before, you can learn a lot from that video by watching.  Anyway, since Miley recently mentions Patterson in connection with Rossi- while Patterson's work was also mentioned in the video as well.
CETI power cell
But my most recent post, Dr. Les Case figures in this.  It seems that Case had a way to sustain a certain temperature, but what if that device could be improved upon somehow?  That's the idea I got by watching this video again.  Case says in the video that his device could hold 215 degree Centigrade.  Is that hot enough? What if you could make it hotter?

If you were to have Case's device plus a nickel hydrogen device combined, the cell could get hotter than this, or so I postulate.

I recall the Brillouin Energy device described by Godes.  This obviously produces energy, but what if it isn't enough to keep it self sustaining.  Now, if you were to combine both, they could both sustain each other.

Another thing I found was mentioned by Edmund Storms where he says that the sonic device will load the hydrogen in the metal better.

And that one of the cold fusion techniques used involves the use of ultra sound.  That could be the "Q" that Godes refers to.

Now, if you were to combine all these, you can get a device that produces enough heat to sustain itself.

There's but one more thing to be mastered, if my hypothesis is correct.  Rossi needs to produce just enough electricity to run his "frequency" input so as to have absolutely no energy input while producing the heat output demonstrated on Oct 6th.

Furthermore, Rossi's device could produce enough electricity to run something like a light bulb continuously for days on end, that should remove all doubt that may remain about its efficacy.

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