Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Michael Flynn conviction probably won't stand



Rush Limbaugh likes to talk about low-info voters.  This isn't exactly new.  But, better late than never.

BTW, Mueller's team was given another delay for the sentencing fairly recently.  I suspect he knows that the case could be dismissed, and wishes to avoid a meltdown in his authority.

Originally posted 2.14.18, the original post follows:

Note: Exculpatory evidence was hidden from the defense....  "I have been wondering why Special Counsel Robert Mueller postponed the sentencing of Michael Flynn shortly after Judge Rudolph Contreras was (without explanation) recused from hearing the Flynn case and Judge Emmet G. Sullivan took over."


This appears to be a pattern.  It happened in the Cliven Bundy case, which has been dismissed.  The judge now on the case presided over the Senator Ted Stevens trial.  It happened there too.

Corruption, plain and simple.  There is a prosecutorial duty to provide exculpatory evidence to the defense.  Hiding it from the defense is at the very least unethical behavior.  It may even be against the law.

Furthermore, the delay in sentencing may be an effort by Mueller to hide misconduct in his own "investigation".  Mueller should be fired.  This is a political trial, and it probably isn't the first.  Such things should not be happening in America.

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