Monday, October 10, 2011

Rash judgment?

A little about what I've been doing today.

After writing about Moonrush, I listened to the Space Show when the guest was Dr. Robert (Bob) Richards, who has an entry in the Lunar X prize competition.

After that, I went back and looked at the E-cat news on Peswiki. I downloaded a copy of the spreadsheet data file and was going to make a graph of the results, but it was too difficult to work with. I gave up on that.

There was a pretty negative quote on Peswiki which claimed that the thermocouples were in the wrong place and so forth.

It begins to appear that there are questions which weren't apparent to me before. If the data is in any way questionable, there's a problem.  Those who were there say that the machine was producing energy, though. Then I looked at the list of people who were there.  I didn't recognize many of the names.

I'm stepping back a bit from this as it appears that I may have made a rash judgment.


One more thing:  the energy output after the E-cat was put on self sustain- that was too impressive to be ignored or discounted.  There should be another test.  But Rossi had better silence all the doubters, or they'll win.  Belief alone can't win- you need incontrovertible evidence.

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