Saturday, October 15, 2011

Unofficial says "Andy the Grump"

I got the link to this video from the Talk:Energy Catalyzer page on Wikipedia.

Someone (ip address only) put the video up and the above title was the response to it.  It wasn't given much respect.  I would hope that they would take down such posts as abusive.  If it isn't relevant as Grump also said, the post should be deleted.

If you were to look at this as a court case, would Mats Lewan be considered as a reliable witness to what he saw?  His opinions would probably not be accepted as expert testimony.  Would a scientist from Upsalla be considered reliable?  His opinions may have some weight.  Given his opinion and what Lewan saw, I don't think that it should be considered unreliable as to what they saw and the one scientists' opinion.  If it was put before a court, and I was in a jury asked to decide upon it, I would need more than what I've read in criticism about it in order to give the criticisms any importance.  Those who were there are to be given more credibility.

Krivit inspected the device once before, but what he said this time is not to be taken seriously.  That was a different demonstration.  And Krivit is not a scientist, so I have noticed.  If he is, he is not mentioning it on the website he contributes to.  This means that his words carry less weight than Lewan's and definitely less weight than the scientist.

You may disagree as to the significance of what the video represents, but treating it with disrespect is a bit out of bounds.

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