Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Krivit's claims of failure of the E-cat

I haven't bothered to read Krivit until this very morning.  I have to say that I am shocked.

He claims failure, but I really don't buy what he says.  I'm sure Krivit has far more credentials than I do. What he says may be believed by those who would weigh what one says against the other.  But I think that he is wrong- on the basis of what he says himself.

It appears to me that he is ignoring the energy that is going out continuously during the heat up phase.  Does he not understand the basic set up?  The set up, as I understand it, was to measure the heat exchanged from the E-cat via a heat exchanger away from the E-cat.  It doesn't matter how the water got heated, the heat exchanger at that point would measure any heat source regardless of how it got there.

Krivit assumes a heat buildup which runs the E-cat in self sustain mode. Hah! This is either a deliberate distortion or he simply doesn't get the set up.  Energy is always flowing out.  Always.

So, during the buildup phase, energy is flowing out of the E-cat into the secondary heat exchanger.  The evidence of this is provided by the data.

Therefore, you can measure energy production which was occurring during the buildup.   It appeared to me that the E-cat was already producing more energy than it was consuming.  Again, this is based upon the continuous flow of energy that was being measured throughout the test.

The electrical energy measured going into the heater was being measured by a device. You can calculate the energy there as input.  The steam output was measured at the E-cat, and once again at the secondary heat exchanger.  You can watch the heat buildup phase and, then as it got to 100 degree Centigrade, the boiling point of water, the secondary temperatures begin to rise.  This indicates a heat exchange taking place at that location.  This is how the output energy was calculated.  The delta t's ( change in temperature) allowed you to calculate the output energy based upon the assumption that you were dealing with water.  Given the fact that it began to record heat exchange at the boiling point of water, it would seem to confirm that it was indeed, water.

People seem to be throwing crap against the wall and hope that something sticks.

Get real.


bp said...

This is problem of Andrea Rossi that the arrangement of the experiment is done so poorly and the captured data is incomplete and dubious.

Even with his "garage-level" technology would be possible to make the demonstration clear for all.

And we have no reports from scientists and engineers - only journalists and bloggers are talking about E-Cat.

Greg said...

Who is Krivit? From New Energy Times:

Steven B. Krivit is an investigative science journalist, editor, photographer, author, and international speaker with specific expertise in the topic of LENR research.

Krivit is a journalist. Hoop de friggin' doo.

Anonymous said...

@bp said
the "garage-level" start is common to many men who changed human history (including Bill Gates). If there is a probability that this (possible) energy revolution won't be stopped it is thanks to the "garage-level" handle that is not subject to political, economic and financial pressures.

As concerns the scientists and engineers that were present at the test, they expressed their opinion in some youtube video. Please check them: it's really interesting.

Main streams are blacking out any information about e-cat and for that reason we have to thank the bloggers who are indipendent and do a good job to keep us informed.

Of course there are also bloggers who are not really indipendent, such as Krivit who is probably paid by a competitor of Rossi, but online you can find enouth information to have an idea more complete of the whole matter.

By the way: never despise what you don't know.