Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Are you a betting man?

As for me, not so much. But I've played the markets, and that is a risk taking venture. Perhaps there are those who think that the markets are just a big casino, so, in that case, I've done some betting in my time.

With respect to the controversy of the E-cat, I would be willing to bet someone that it works, provided that the terms of the bet could be worked out. The terms would have to ones I could take, because I really can't afford to lose the bet. I would be willing to put some money into it, though.

In order to prove or disprove the E-cat, I can envision a lot of people on both sides of the issue getting together and putting their money into a winner's purse. The terms of the bet would be negotiated. The purse would have to be at least the cost of another demonstration. Of course, Rossi would have to agree to make one. Provided that enough funds could be made available, and the terms of a definite outcome could be agreed upon, a bet may be possible to arrange.

Anybody interested?


Anonymous said...

I tried to get such a contract listed at Intrade, to no avail.


Now I'm working on a side bet at Free Republic.


Greg said...

In order to decide this issue, you may have to buy one of Rossi's devices. Then you can see for yourself.

The question for me is: do I have the money to risk on this? The answer: NO. Too big of a risk.

If this was available to me a few years ago, I may have tried it, but not now. For me, that is the bottom line.

Intrade won't take it. That may have been an option.

Side bets don't interest me.

I would want a public demonstration. I'd want qualified people to set it up and to judge it fairly.

If I undertook the matter myself, I would report on it. As it stands now, there's no chance of this.

For me to do it would cost way too much. Out of the question.

My idea was to get enough people to pay for costs of a test. The winners get their money back, the losers pay for the cost of the test.