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This is an experimental page.  As of this writing, which is Oct. 25, 2015, there hasn't been an email contact provided.  As of the creation date above, there will be one until I decide to take it down for whatever reason.  I reserve the right to take down the email at any time I wish.  I probably won't answer emails.  I'm putting it up so that you may make comments that you'd rather not make in public.

Given the fact that some folks may abuse the privilege that I'm providing, I am reluctant to begin doing this.  However, if it isn't abused to a point where I'd just as soon not bother with it anymore, I will take it down.

What point that event may be reached is up to you.  If you are civil, emails are welcome.  If you are not, I may block your address.  If you continue after that, well, who knows.

I don't have great expectations from this new feature, so if it doesn't go badly, I might be surprised.

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