Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just clicked on E-cat news site

It looks like you can't get on.  Maybe their traffic is too high.  Just guessing.  I don't know what may be causing the trouble.  But I have no news myself.  No, I am just being patient here.  You can't make anything happen any faster than it going to happen.

That reminds me of something that happened once.  I was waiting for a machine to finish and somebody joked, "can you make it go any faster by watching it?"  No, of course not.  But sometimes you may feel like kicking the darn thing and make it speed up.  Just let it take its own course.  It'll get there.


Just got on.  I found a twitter link to raymond zreick.  It was in Italian, so I went to google translate and got an English version of that tweet:

We are in Bologna: Rossi, however, I was "recalled" the commitment we made ​​with him for being here. That is not to publish anything until tomorrow.

Sounds like a news blackout until the tests are completed.


According to Daniele Passerini, the E-cat ran 4 hours in self sustained mode, then was shut down as planned.  Looks good.


Nobody quote me on this.  I got a tweet that indicated the rate of temperature change and water flow, so I loaded up this calculator with the numbers and got this:
assuming no mistake, the E-cat produced 3.48 kw power--- this is given 5 deg C heat for .6 cubic meter water flow
 Again, don't quote me on this.  I don't do this for a living.

It looks like this number was obtained in self sustain mode.


My understanding is that it was at .6 cubic meter per hour, with a delta T (temperature) of 5 degrees Celsius.  That would mean about 14 kilowatt hours of energy production.  The reason I'm posting this is that some are saying different things based upon a total of .6 cubic meters in total, which is not my understanding.  The total number for 4 hours of self sustain is 2.4 cubic meters.  That makes a difference, yes?

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