Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rossi v Krivit- fundamental differences

Krivit is a LENR guy. He put together a video outlining his differences with the "cold fusion" theorists.  Could this explain some of the differences between Rossi and Krivit which led to Krivit's negative review of Rossi's work this summer?

It does appear that Krivit sympathizes with the "pathological science" charge against cold fusioneers

NOT FUSION, says Krivit

But that applies to everyone, not just cold fusioneers.

 But here in Krivit's June 2011 interview, Rossi says that it is fusion.  He also says that he doesn't like the term "cold fusion", but it is low energy nuclear fusions.
I'm not a believer in either theory- I believe in what works.  If the thing works, you can figure out why it works at your leisure.  Give us something that works.  I don't believe LENR gives a working device that can produce useful amounts of energy via the nickel hydrogen system.  Cold fusion, or whatever you want to call it, can.

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Ermanno Peciarolo said...

Krivit will his popularity with the chatter, Rossi and Focardi with the work........