Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Will "Cold Fusion" and Hot Fusion join forces?

Really Cheap, Really Clean Electricity from Boron | tblakeslee

  • E=MC² tells us that one ounce of matter could be converted to seventy million dollars worth of electricity!
  • Boron fusion produces only safe, non-radioactive helium as a product. 
  • The plasma created by a simple DPF device creates its own swirling magnetic field as it collapses 
  • By copying nature instead of fighting it, we can get the energy we need, easily. 
  •   LPP has spent only $3 million so far. 
  • Finally, their test machine is reaching temperatures needed for the boron reaction.
  • There is evidence that the excess heat produced in cold fusion experiments comes from microscopic plasmoids that form inside the metal matrix. E. H. Lewis photographed the melted tracks they made in the metal residue of successful cold fusion experiments.
  • [emphasis added]
  •   The plasmoids seem to form in clusters in the metal lattice that may be created by bose-einstein condensation. [see my related posts]
  • In October, Andre Rossi has promised to deliver its first commercial megawatt thermal plant to Ampenergo, a spinoff of Leonardo Technologies Inc, that will market the E-Cat. Daily updates on the Rossi blog claim that everything is built and on track for delivery as scheduled. Using nano-powdered nickel and hydrogen fuel, his approach to generating heat is amazingly simple. Let’s hope that he ships and let’s hope that LPPs boron fusion test works. We badly need them both!
 Well, could it be?  It seems to sound that way.  The thought occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, the two can join.  A BEC in a DPF plasmoid?  Is it even remotely possible?

The article doesn't say that.  I'm just speculating.


Thanks to E-Cat News for linking to (actually putting it up on their page) this post.  I appreciate it guys!  I'm flattered.

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